An Epilepsy Center

An Epilepsy Center

A specialized Epilepsy Center offers advanced tests to help diagnose which form of medication or type of treatment will work best for seizures. When medications fail, safe surgical options are considered, including minimally invasive laser ablation and neuromodulation.

Learn about the options available to treat seizures, an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit/EMU, and how they have the ability to precisely locate seizures in the video below from the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. 

How an Epilepsy Center Can Help 

Epilepsy Centers are categorized as Level 3 or Level 4 Center. Click here to understand the guidelines to follow for epilepsy care. 

An Epilepsy Center’s comprehensive team has significant training in diagnosing and treating seizures, including many different kinds of doctors. These experts offer complete evaluations for routine care and specialize in uncontrolled seizures (i.e., intractable, or refractory epilepsy).